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Made In YEG

Every month we feature a new local artist or crafts-person to support talent within Edmonton. This allows us to consistently find new local suppliers, and it also gives artists a chance to showcase their craft. Some of these talented locals are already established within the market, while others have never had the chance to sell their product to the public.

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Local Feature Artist: Ochre Lea

Cate Kuzik is a local, community-taught artist currently creating her letterpress creations in Edmonton as Ochre Lea (oh-kerr-lee). Fueled by a passionate connection to traditional handmade techniques during this increasingly digital age her goods are made with an emphasis on fun, bright colours, and graphics with mildly inappropriate phrases to make folks smile.

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Local Feature Artist: Snow Alligator

Snow Alligator is a charming brand of products for your home and for your kids.  These products include wall art, stationery, crafts and toys and many other things that have been created to bring a smile to your face and a warm fuzzy feeling in your chest. Created by Illustrator Jason Blower, a lover of all things whimsical, 80s, crafty and creative.

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