Local Feature Artist: Carla Lam


Carla wandered far from home to find herself through painting.  Born in Canada and having lived for a decade in New Zealand, a doctorate in political philosophy and a stable job at the University of Otago was the path to a regular painting practice. The disorienting experience of immigration to a far-flung country was the catalyst in discovering a deep desire to create beyond the academic context. A published author, she’s now back in Canada giving expression to this need to communicate beyond words; honoring the process of change and following where painting may lead. 

Carla is now happily using all her academic might in service of other forms of creation.  She favours working in oil, creative mark making, and letting the process inform the subject.  Cards by Carla is one dimension of a fledgling art business started in February 2018 that has focused mostly on original art work rather than prints, but she is currently receptive to many exciting new avenues.

To view her collection of art visit carlalam.com

Creativity is intelligence having fun.