Introducing Faber-Castell


Grip Trend Fountain Pens

The new Grip Trend from Faber Castell is a great introduction to using a fountain pen. It's functional form, fun colours and affordable price point make it the perfect pen for younger students or more experienced writers. 

"Available in stylish pink, turquoise and blue, each with contrasting grip dots, a glossy surface and stable stainless steel clip, they are equally suitable for left or right handers. Thanks to their ergonomic shape, these writing instruments provide a firm hold while writing."

The fountain pen delivers an exceptionally smooth line and is a pleasure to write with, and for added fun, match your ink to your pen with blue, black, pick and turquoise ink colours available. Ballpoints pens are also available in this bright colour trio. 

The Faber-Castell Grip Classic Fountain Pens are also available in classic silver, black and midnight blue and has a smart matt appearance and black grip dots.