LAMY studio – Timeless perfection



LAMY studio. – Timeless perfection.

The special elegance of the LAMY studio demonstrates just how close design and art can be. The propeller-shaped clip accents the pen’s innovative form. Designer: Hannes Wettstein

Lamy studio.jpg

The LAMY Studio is a sleek, attractive design in it's simplicity. The 14ct gold nib provides an exceptionally smooth delivery of ink that is noticeable to any fountain pen user. There is a softness to gold that allows for more give, or spring, as compared to a steel nib.

The matte palladium finish allows for a bit of texture to grip while writing so as not to slip in the hand. Well weighted, comfortable to hold, and a smooth delivery of ink. Everything you need for an exceptional writing experience. Comes with a blue ink cartridge and a LAMY converter for use with bottled ink. Come in today and try one for yourself.