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We love all things paper. From choosing a card to wrapping a gift, paper products deliver endless style and possibilities. We intend to promote and inspire gifts from the heart. Putting pen to paper and letting thoughts and feelings flow is an art in and of itself, and an expression we intend to promote. Giving a lovely gift, writing a letter, sending a card, are all ways of expressing how much we care about the people in our lives. The act of giving is often more rewarding than receiving.

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Cards – A dynamic assortment of all-occasion greeting cards ranging from cheeky, edgy, modern humour, to more traditional design. From local, hand-crafted letterpress and other hilarious artisans not found in the mainstream market.

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Boxed Note Cards & Stationery – Colourful note cards, beautiful writing paper, thank-you notes, and seasonal sets. We offer custom personalized stationery for the perfect gift.

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Gifts – An assortment of quality, scented candles, novelty socks, games, journals and writing instruments. Choose the perfect gift and have it professionally wrapped, too!

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A couple years ago I started to learn about semi precious stones and the energies and benefits they possess. The concept of designing beautiful jewellery with the benefits of semi precious stones fascinated me. After researching not only the stones as well as design I started developing my product leading me to create Dream Devotions Jewellery.

Semiprecious stones are known for their healing properties and spiritual meaning. Dependant on the stone, they can help with anxiety, bring you joy, or help you to ground. Some say the stone you're drawn to can reflect what you may be lacking in your daily life. Different stones may possess the same healing properties and may even have more than one. To recharge the energy in your stones you can set them in sunlight or moonlight for a couple hours. 

To see the full range of bracelets visit our store at dreamdevotions.com

Semiprecious stones are known for their healing properties and spiritual meaning