Social Stationery

From thank you cards to beautiful writing paper, we have all your social stationery needs. Our blank notecards, cotton writing paper, thank you notes and envelopes are carefully selected from quality, environmentally responsible stationers from across North America and Europe.

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Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. is a stationery and lifestyle brand based in Winter Park, Florida founded and owned by husband and wife team, Anna and Nathan Bond. “We strongly believe life’s personal stories and moments are best told through the gift of a handwritten card or note, and hope that our goods inspire you to share these moments with others.”

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Canvast is not your everyday, run-of-the-mill planner.  It is a carefully crafted life organizer. This planner was designed by women, for women. The Canvast brand stands for individuality, confidence and happiness. Weekly, monthly and yearly planning pages for budgets, goals, to-do lists, and random thoughts you need to jot down. Each section is broken down by month, but here’s the icing on the cake… it’s undated.

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Be inspired each month with Idlewild Co.’s Ladies of Legend calendar, featuring beautifully illustrated portraits of the Queens, Goddesses, Warriors and Legends who have shaped our culture.

Calendars this year include designs from Rifle Paper Co. and Classy Cards Creative, as well as a selection of planners and desk calendars.


 Putting pen to paper and letting thoughts and feelings flow is an art in and of itself, and an expression we intend to promote. Giving a lovely gift, writing a letter, sending a card, are all ways of expressing how much we care about the people in our lives. The act of giving is often more rewarding than receiving.

Looking for a gift for someone who has it all? Take a gift that extra mile by adding a personal touch with our hot-foil imprinting service.


Writing can help clear your thoughts, know yourself better, solve problems more effectively, and reduce stress. A sheet of paper and pen in hand can serve as a powerful life tool. Pick up a journal today and start writing your thoughts and worries away.

We have a large selection of quality journals for the artist, poet, or future novelist and many styles of notebooks and notepads to help keep track of your busy daily life.

Planners & Daytimers

Stay organized with style with our selection of planners, daytimes and goal keepers. Our selection feature sections for weekly and monthly plans, yearly overviews, holidays, special occasions, notes, important contacts or motivational and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated throughout the year.

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Take a gift from thoughtful to extraordinary with our hot foil imprinting service. This system gives anyone the capability to personalize your notecards, letterhead and small gift items. Perfect for anyone looking for a unique gift for someone special. The process is quick, affordable and adds a beautiful, personal touch.