Design Ideas Desk Accessories


Design Ideas home and office accessories have been in business since 1983. The design team takes inspiration from the everyday items and dreams up new and creative designs that they think people will enjoy and find useful.

“Our passion for exploring ideas and inspired designs has led to the development of a full range of functional, fashion-forward, and moderately priced home and office accessories that appeal to a broad range of design-conscious consumers.”

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Bringing in office and desk accessories has been top of mind since we opened our little shop two years ago. But it took some time to find the right fit for us. We wanted functional, quality items, but also a bit of whimsy, and Design Ideas seems to be just what we were seeking.

With beautiful brass and copper paper trays, pencil cups, card cases and interesting paper clips, push-pins and doo-dads, we think you’ll agree that these are must-have accessories for your work or home office.

We make things interesting