Feature Designer: Ochre Lea

Ochre lea.jpg

Cate Kuzik is a local, community-taught artist currently creating her letterpress creations in Edmonton as Ochre Lea (oh-kerr-lee). Fueled by a passionate connection to traditional handmade techniques during this increasingly digital age her goods are made with an emphasis on fun, bright colours, and graphics with mildly inappropriate phrases to make folks smile. Printed in small batches, hand-fed one colour at a time featuring a combination of her own hand drawn, carved images with antique lead and wood type, which is hand set one letter at a time.

Ochre Lea Cards.jpg

Ochre Lea has been a part of parcel + prose since we opened our doors, and has been a great supporter of our business and the local art community. Her knowledge of letterpress and her love of the antique, hand carved blocks is reflected in her designs, with her own brand of humour to accompany them. Her craft extends to leather printing as well, and we hope to feature more of her locally made goods in the coming season.