Tree Era – Let's Plant Trees



TreeEra is a Canadian organization that plants trees on behalf of individuals and businesses to help offset their carbon footprint and to restore the Canadian forests we lose in such high volumes. 

One of the ways they put trees in the ground is by selling tree patches. The purchase of this patch plants five trees on behalf of the purchaser and the retailer.

“TreeEra sprouted on the grounds between a belief in climate change and a lack of knowing how to help. While there are many ways to reduce our carbon footprint, we wanted to provide people with a convenient and simple way to contribute to a not-so-simple problem. Planting trees seemed like a perfect place to start.

 The area we propose to plant in 2017 is near Barrier, north of Kamloops in BC. In 2003 the Mclure Fire burned for 75 days straight destroying 26,000 hectares of forest, 72 homes, and 9 businesses including the prime employer, the Tolko Lumber mill. During the fire, 3800 people were evacuated. All of the areas proposed for planting are on Crown land where replanting is required to mitigate the impact of poor natural.”

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