Feature Designer: Kiss and Punch


Kiss and Punch is one of our favourite card suppliers here at parcel + prose. Their “puns” are not only clever, but always accompanied by an adorable image pressed directly into a cottony, high grade paper. They are the perfect combination of design and wit. Come in and visit for the best selection of these clever, punny cards.

Here’s an excerpt from their website:

Our name “kiss and punch” comes from the two printing techniques used for letterpress. The traditional “kiss” of ink to the paper originally used to print newspapers and books since the 15th century, and now the modern “punch” of ink deep into the card. Today's letterpress has an impression on paper which gives it an unforgettable feel, bringing art and text to life, like no other kind of greeting card.

All of our products are proudly made in the United States. Kiss and Punch® is a design studio, specializing in personal stationery and letterpress goods since 2008. Kiss and Punch Designs creates sweet and spicy sentiments for those who still appreciate the art of paper and the written note. 

Founder and designer Julie Stewart is a former corporate counsel at a Fortune 100 corporation. She has a juris doctorate degree from UCLA but learned the craft of letterpress and graphic design at the San Francisco Center for the Book and Otis College of Art and Design, respectively. Personal stationery took on a whole new meaning for Julie when she planned and designed all paper elements of her August 2008 wedding. She has not looked back since, creating greeting cards, prints, business logos, and lovely wedding and baby stationery.