Letterpress Printing


It can be said that the stationery industry, and the printing revolution itself began with Johannes Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press in the in mid 15th century. Letterpress printing is commonly also referred to as the process of relief printing, in which there is a direct impression made onto the paper.

“Letterpress printing has become the go-to printing technique for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and business cards for anyone hoping to make an impression (pun intended) on the recipient.  Today’s cottage industry of letterpress printers has been built on the shoulders of 100 years of printing industry, starting around the late 1800s.  It’s easy to forget that what we treasure today as an artisan product, made by a well-trained craftsperson, was once known simply as printing.

While letterpress was never intended to be printed with a dramatic impression, or deboss, into the paper, it is often the most desired feature today.  Certain papers show off this impression better than others.”

Letterpress printing is clearly identifiable through the simple designs and impression on the paper. Lettepress printing is showcased from cards by Kiss and Punch, Sugar Paper LA, Katie Leamon, Smock, and Waterknot.

In store, we have our own Howard hot foil imprinter where we offer the service of creating custom personalized stationery (up to two lines) for you with any of our boxed stationery products. The main difference of the Howard imprinter is that as opposed to ink, it uses foil to make the impression, through the use of a process known as ‘hot stamping’.

The complete process of Letterpress printing is brilliantly outlined on this blog: ohsobeautifulpaper.com