Proudly Canadian Cards

Some of our best cards selections come from right here in Canada.


Blue Specs Studio

Nerdy by Nature! Quirky cards inspired by everything nerdy and natural.

Formerly Soho, currently kicking it in Guelph, trying to keep it slightly cutesy, kind of creepy, and mostly minimalist.


Carolyndraws is the brainchild of Toronto-based illustrator, letterpress printer and people watcher, Carolyn Verkuyl.  Carolyn turned her uniquely Canadian sense of humour, illustration style and love of printing into a one of a kind line of paper goods with wide appeal.


A belief in fairy tales, snail mail & cultivating closeness. Every card is heart-made, printed in small batches by a locally owned printing house, and hand-packaged with love, care & salty air on the East Coast of Canada.


“Awesome Cards for Awesome People” 

Rhubarb is a sweet & tart greetings & gifts studio owned & operated by Anita Bezanson & based in Nova Scotia, Canada.