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 Lamy Safari Writing Instruments

The Lamy Safari was first launched in 1980, and has since been the pen of choice for beginner fountain pen enthusiasts. It's signature ergonomic grip provides the perfect angle for smooth writing, with nibs available for the beginner to the left-handed writer. Made of ABS plastic, the safari is as durable as it is functional.

Function over form has always been Lamy's style, but that's not to say they aren't beautiful. Available in 8 core colours, with limited edition hues every year, the Lamy Safari appeals to everyone. All Safari pens come with an ink cartridge and a converter to transform it for use with bottled ink. Nibs are replaceable and available from fine to broad tip. Upgrade to an anodized aluminum barrel with the Lamy AL-star, or the Lamy Lx available in beautiful metallic finishes.

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