Holiday Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are perfect for any occasion – affordable, practical, authentic and often well designed, these small expressions of personal style often replace a gift, and ultimately, resonate more. It’s exciting to receive a pretty envelope in the mailbox that is addressed to you. Our boutique selection appeals to the conscious shopper looking for a more authentic expression of humour and sentiment.



Waterknot is a family owned and operated letterpress company from Portland, Oregon. They aspire to make greeting cards that will make someone happy, make someone laugh, open someone’s heart or just make someone’s day. “We draw inspiration from the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the music we love, the food we eat, our kids, our own childhoods and from our vibrant local culture.”

Kiss & punch

Kiss and Punch is one of our favourite card suppliers here at parcel + prose. Their “puns” are not only clever, but always accompanied by an adorable image pressed directly into a cottony, high grade paper. They are the perfect combination of design and wit. Come in and visit for the best selection of these clever, punny cards.

card nest

Card Nest is a greeting card and stationery brand, creating a range of contemporary and design-focused cards and gift wrap. Working directly with exciting and talented artists from around the world, we produce collections of paper goods that bring joy to both sender and recipient.